Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last weekend I held my annual National Scrapbook Day Workshop. I had 16 registered, but two had to cancel due to an illness. One spot was filled on Friday night. I ended up with 14 girls because one did not show up. :-(

I think everyone had a good time. We had mexican food from Rancho Taco Shop which consisted of Chicken Enchiladas, Carne Asada mini tacos, beans, rice, chips and salsa. It was yummy!

We had 9 prize drawings, including the "on time" prize. I've posted a photo of the prizes on display above.
The girls made lots of pages, which I still need to count up. We also got some nice group shots out in my backyard. I was so busy all night it seemed to just fly by.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember When...

A few days ago I decided to try creating a digital 12x12 page with StoryBook Creator Plus software http://www.mycmsite.com. The last few weeks I've been scanning old photos and used these two photos with my mom in them to create this page. I love that we can make the papers have texture. This looks like it's tapestry. If you double click the image you'll be able to see this.

I've been playing a lot lately and tomorrow & Monday I must study and review for a test in my Business Law class Monday night. After that I will be concentrating on getting everything ready for my National Scrapbook Day workshop coming up on April 25th. I have 16 ladies coming and it should a fun evening. After that I'm going back to scanning old photos and reviewing the recipes our family members have sent me to create a family recipe book, digital, of course!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

Even though spring break doesn't officially start until tomorrow, mine really started Wed. morning because Tues. was my last class and midterm. I'm enjoying First Aid a lot. The teacher is very entertaining and he really helps you remember things. I'm at 95% in that class so far. My Business Law I teacher is actually a lawyer and he rarely makes it to class on time. Our class rarely lasts more than 2 hours. My last test score was a 88 which is good considering this is law.

I had a job interview yesterday day afternoon. I think it went well. I should know by next week if I got the job or not. The company is a software company and they are up and coming. Both of the gals that interviewed me were about my age and I felt very comfortable with them. I'm keeping my hopes up because I would really like the job. It's part time about 35 hours a week, but could work into 40 hours. We shall see what happens.

It's been drearly and cold all day today. I just turned on the heat because my hands were so cold. I feel like I have so much to do but now that I am waiting to hear about this job I don't feel like doing anything until I do. When they call I really nope it is good news.

My National Scrapbook Day event is April 25th this year. I have 16 customers registered and excited. I'm getting everything read and have our meal from Rancho Taco Shop food on order. Making 3-4 different kinds of cookies this year for dessert. Giving away some fun Prize Products and with Raffles, too.

Enough for now. I am so sleepy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today was a nice, quiet day. I took Sophie with me in the car for a trip to the bank and post office. She's never been fond of riding in the car for some reason, but these short little trips seem to help. Going more than 5 miles away seems to make her nervous.

The last couple of weeks I have been scanning old photos and loading them into Memory Manager. I take time to edit them and make them look better. Then I sort them by person in virtual folders and the software organizes them by date. It's actually kind of fun. Here is an OLD photo of me and my brothers. I'd be about 4 in this photo. Jim is on the left and he is about 18 months and Dale is on the right. He is about 6 months. I think this is in the big white house with pillars on the front of it in Roseau. We lived on the upper level. These old photos sure make me think and try to remember those days. Sometimes I haven't got an inkling of a memory and other times it will bring a flood of memories.
I still have a lot of old photos to scan. I want to scan all of the old photos my mom and dad had stashed away and those my sister, Barb, had taken of us with her polaroid camera. It's a tedious job, but once it's done I would like to make a StoryBook with our CM software.