Saturday, March 28, 2009


On Thursday I decided that I am officially addicted to caffeine. I love Starbucks Chai Tea and usually can't help but get one at least every other day. If I go longer than that I have a major headache that I can't get rid of unless I sleep it off. So I don't know if that makes it OK to continue with my Chai Tea addiction or if I sure really work to wean myself off of it. I know I can't go without it cold-turkey. I like coffee, too, but find Starbucks coffee way to rich for me even with vanilla or other flavoring added to it. Although, I do love their Pumpkin Latte in the fall. Kristen got me a gold card for Christmas last year and I now get 10% off on my chai tea! I put money on the card, too, and it makes the transaction go a lot quicker. OK....I know I need to cut back and I'm trying. ;-)

Another addiction I have that I have no intentions of giving up is knitting. I only wish I had more time for it. It's a great pasttime to have and it's generally something you can do while watching tv. I can do this if the pattern isn't to intricate. I finished the crocheted scarf pictured in an earlier post and now I've started this one, knitted with wool yarn. I love how this one is comingn along. It has a pretty design to it. What do you think?

Going back to school has made it really difficult to do the things I love to do. Hobbies are important stress relievers and I need to get back to knitting and keep it a regular thing. I keep it upstairs near my big green chair. Some nights I knit an hour or so before I jump in bed and some nights I'll read. Last night I did both.

I get lots of help, too. Sophie can't figure out why she has to wait so long in between ball-throwing. Here she is waiting patiently for me to get a row done and throw her ball for her!

Enjoy your weekend. I'm off to Quiznos for lunch with hubby.