Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Monday and the beginning of another week for me.

This weekend I went shopping for yarn. I bought a skein of red worsted weight for a scarf I wanted to cropchet. Here's a photo of what I've done so far. It was very simple and I should finish it tonight while watching "Medium".

I also bought 2 balls of yarn for another scarf. This scarf is more elegant and not as bulky and it is knitted and very pretty. I bought red medium weight yarn and somehow Sophie thinks it's for her because she is continually sticking her nose in that bag. Maybe it's time to find a pattern for a dog sweater? Once that scarf is complete I will post a photo of it. Then I want to start on an afghan. I found a knitted pattern that I really like but I still haven't found the shade of brown I want and nobody in the area has 16 skeins of it, so I may need to order the yarn online.

Today is such a quiet day. Kristen is working at Starbucks and should be home shortly. I've already run my errands this morning. I had to go to RCC to drop off a copy of my birth certificate so I could add my maiden name to my account. That way my transcripts from 30 years ago will find there way to the right student! I had to swing by the post office to mail some postcards to Creative Memories customers I haven't seen in over a year or more alerting them to the fact that our page sizes have changed. That way if they have an incomplete album and not enough of the retiring pages for it they can order them before they are gone.

Tomorrow night I have my First Aid/CPR BLS written exam. I think I'm ready for it. More later.